Q. I have decided to renovate my home. What are the steps I should take before I call any renovator?


A. Typically, the first step is deciding on a budget. Renovations normally have several different variables, all of which can have a dramatic effect on the final price to you. It is therefore important to have a set budget amount in mind, which will therefore allow us to determine which variables suit you best.


Q. We have heard horror stories about contractors. How do we protect ourselves?

A. We have heard those same stories, and we have empathy for those consumers who have had bad experiences with other contractors. Having said that, PG Renovations has been able to carve out its own special niche, which is partially attributable to the reputation of our peers. We stand out, and above, with proven quality and reliability, year after year.

Q. How long will my renovation take?

A: Project length is totally dependent on project scope and detail. After the consultation, we can give you a rough estimate on the project length to completion.


Q. Do you offer payment plans?

A. Yes we can offer a payment plan. We will work with each individual to make the installation and renovation an affordable one.